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A new slant on the history of Japan

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR 	Friday, 14 Nov, 1997

Japan-Myanmar Friendship Association presents $  23,640 for restoration of
ancient pagodas in Bagan

YANGON, 13 Nov-Japan-Myanmar Friendship Association today presented $ 23,640
for  restoration of ancient religious monuments in Bagan.

Secretary-1 of the State Law and Order Restoration Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt
delivered an  address at the ceremony which was held at Sedona Hotel at 6 pm.

He said: "It gives me much pleasure to say a few words on this auspicious
occasion, and  to welcome the  Japan-Myanmar Friendship Association headed
by Mr Kenichi Hoshina.

Myanmar and Japan have historically maintained a very strong bond of
friendship, trade relations  go back to the late 19th century (1893) when
Japanese businessmen first started businesses in  Myanmar. Japan exported to
Myanmar manufactured products while Myanmar exported  agricultural products,
timber, industrial metals and minerals. This trading partnership grew
tremendously, making Japan Myanmar's leading trading partner in the East.

Looking back at history we may very well note the ties of friendship between
Myanmar and Japan  during Myanmar's struggle for independence from the
British  Colonialist. After the Second World  War, Myanmar gained her
independence on 4  January 1948. Both countries continued to work  closely
with each other, and rendered support in the most needed sectors for social
and economic development.

Unfortunately, Myanmar, even before her independence, started to face
internal  insurgency. There  were many motives for these insurgencies, fired
from both  within and abroad. The Myanmar  Tatmadaw, with great vigilance
and sacrifice  fought to preserve her independence, her national  integrity
and the unity of  her people and progressed well in doing so.

 In 1962, Myanmar changed her political and economic system. Though with the
best of intentions,  this change did not succeed and, in 1988.there was
internal unrest and violent demonstrations. The  situation turned into one
of  lawlessness and anarchy, whereby once again the Tatmadaw had to  step in
to  take control and stabilise the country. 

 As I have said many times before some big Western countries with various
objectives have  blatantly interfered in the internal affairs of Myanmar. 

 Without really seeing or finding out the true  facts of what is happening
here, using the pretext of human rights and democracy they are  attempting
to  destabilize the country and subject it to their whims and fancy. This
dangerous move  is designed to suit their interest and those few who are
subjected to their whims and fancy.  Myanmar with set goals and objectives
has  met this challenge dauntlessly and will continue to do  so. We have
friends  and since we firmly believe in the principles of truth and justice
so we shall  be  victorious.

 Friends, while you are in Myanmar see for yourself, "For seeing is
Believing". The prospects for the  future are bright and promising and we
have extended our warm friendship to all our friends.

In conclusion I thank you in anticipation for your warmth and friendship and
for your generous  donation for the restoration of religious monuments in
Bagan. I wish you a pleasant stay in  Myanmar."

 Leader of Japan-Myanmar Friendship Association Mr Kenichi Hoshina and
Ambassador of Japan  Mr Yoichi Yamaguchi also spoke.

 Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt accepted the cash from Mr Hoshina, who
presented  it on behalf  of the association.

 The Secretary-1 also presented him a souvenir.  Dinner was hosted in honour
of the guests.

 Secretary-l receives VP of Japan-Myanmar Friendship  Association
YANGON, 13 Nov Secretary y-1 of the State Law and Order Restoration Council
Lt-Gen  Khin Nyunt received Vice-President of Japan- Myanmar Friendship
Association Mr Kenichi  Hoshina and party at Dagon Yeiktha of the Ministry
of  Defence this morning.

 Present also were Minister for National Planning and Economic Development
Brig-Gen Abel,  Minister for Foreign Affairs U Ohn Gyaw and Director-General
of Protocol Department Thura U  Aung Htet.

 The guests were accompanied by Ambassador of Japan Mr Yoichi Yamaguchi.