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ARCO Out of Burma Demonstrators Sco (r)

It is a great job. This is what we mean the effort for the movement in 
different places. The people of Burma will appreciate what you guys are 
striking at in the U.S.

Aung Kyaw

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>Activists with the Free Burma Coalition distributed leaflets and held
>banners Thursday night at a high school football game being played at
>California State University, Fullerton.     The game was part of a 
>of high school games being televised with the sponsorship of ARCO
>While ARCO, especially in the Los Angeles area, has tried to develop a
>positive community image by sponsoring events such as this one they
>continue to subsidize the heroin trade through their continued 
>in Burma.    Just as heroin production has more than doubled since the
>SLORC took power in 1988, heroin use in many of the communities in 
>these football games are being played has also risen dramatically.
>Activists near the entrance held two smaller banners and distributed
>leaflets.    Meanwhile at the other end of the field, behind the field 
>posts, activists unfurled a large banner reading "ARCO in Burma = 
Heroin in
>U.S.A."    Despite the actions of an overzealous University Police
>Department our message was heard loud and clear.    People who attended 
>game were very interested in learning more about ARCO's role in the 
>Kevin Rudiger
>Burma Forum, Los Angeles
>Campaign for Corporate Withdrawal
>2118 Wilshire Blvd #383
>Santa Monica, CA 90403
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