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                                   INFORMATION SHEET		
                                                             Date. 13-11-97
Follow up Information of Information Sheet A. 0207(I/L) 13 Nov.
A plan to recruit youths for forming a chapter of the NLD Youth under the
auspices of the NLD Headquarters, Hlaing Township, failed to materialize
because the Chairman of the Hlaing Township NLD Organization U Myint Than
refused to allow the meeting to be held in his house, on 13th November, 1997.
He himself resigned from the NLD Party because he deeply resented the
pressure exerted on him by the Yangon Division NLD Organizational Committee
and the insulting remarks made against him.
		Daw Suu Kyi and the Central Executive Committee Members were fully aware of
the fact that because of the situation in the Hlaing Township it would not be
able to form the Youth Organization as planned. But they went ahead to gather
together a total of about 50 NLD Party members at their Yangon divisional
headquarters office. At 0830 hrs, Daw Suu Kyi left her residence to proceed
to Hlaing Township. But University Avenue had initially been closed to the
traffic. So Daw Suu Kyi's car also was not permitted to proceed.
		Daw Suu Kyi however declined to inform security personnel on duty as to her
destination, and from 0830 onwards had her car parked on the road and
remained seated in it. The place where her car was parked was only a short
distance away from her residence and she could easily have returned to her
compound to wait there and explained matters to security personnel to resolve
the situation. But refusing to take this positive line of action, she
insisted on remaining in her car. It is evident that she herself therefore
was deliberately creating hardship for herself.	
		It is also obvious, that this was just a ruse on her part to make it appear
as if the Government were deliberately obstructing her movements in order to
create misunderstanding internationally, and thus discredit the 
		Therefore, it is clear that Daw Suu Kyi's actions are part of a devious
political ploy, prompted by ill intentions with the purpose of bringing about
a confrontation with the government.