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Immediate Press Release for Demonst

Immediate Press Release
Nov. 15, 1997

We, Democratic Burmese Students Organization (DBSO-USA) will hold
demonstration in front of the former SLORC's Ambassador U Tin Win's resident
in Washington, DC on Sunday at 12. 00 Noon. 

1) The demonstration is to denounce the authorities who forcefully barred Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday when she was going to her party's, NLD, youth
meeting in Haling Township in Rangoon. 

2) The demonstration is to call all  international organizations and
governmental organizations to disincline recognizing the newly formed regime
self-named State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) as a neither legitimate
government nor an legal organization until the SPDC holds a meaningful
dialogue with democratic forces, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of National
League for Democracy (NLD).

The DBSO-USA extremely worries that the SPDC will install an absolute
military power to rule Burma as the Ne Win's regime did a decade ago. 

1) The fact is that all anti-democractic generals, Gen.Than Shwe, Gen. Maung
Aye, Gen. Khin Nyunt, and Gen. Tin Oo are still remaining in power, as well
as anti-human rights Ohn Gayw. Other young blooded leaders, who had bad
records of human rights abuses when they served military commanders in their
territories all over the Burma, are taking important roles in the council. 

2) The fact is that the newly renamed regime clearly states that this
organization is formed for a military organization to rule Burma by force as
it said,  "to ensure the emergence of an orderly and democratic system and to
establish a peaceful and modern state, the State Law and Order Restoration
Council has henceforth been dissolved." 

3) The fact is that people in Burma and  all over the world have already been
experienced by these dictators, who put Daw Aung San Suu Kyi under house
arrest for six years and killed more than 3,000 peaceful demonstrators,
mostly students, in 1988, were unable to solve the political and economic
problems by peaceful means in the past, and are not solving the problems at
the present, and will not solve the problems in the future as well. 

4) Changing the ex-organization's name, SLORC, to a new organization's name,
SPDC, does not guarantee peace, tranquility, and social and economy
developments, and restoration of democracy in Burma. Only dialogue is the
best weapon to the democratic process.  

We hereby call again all of our friends to take part with us for the
demonstration,  to call international community to refuse to recognize the
SPDC as a legitimate body, and to call former SLORC's foreign employees in
foreign countries to defect in their residing lands. 

Time:		12:00 to 2.00 P.M.
Place:		Former SLORC's Ambassador Tin Win's Resident in Washington, DC
Contact:	DBSO-USA at (301) 770-1499, and (301) 568-2412