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Bumese Junta mutates into new form


Burma's military rulers have abolished the nine-year old State Law and 
Order Restoration Council, The SLORC and replaced it with a new smaller 

Burmese state media reported the changes which brings a younger 
generation of new regional commanders into the junta, and moves former 
regional commanders into cabinet. 

The new junta is called the State Peace and Development Council and it 
has 19-members, two less than The SLORC. 

Senior General Than Shwe is again chairman of the junta which imncludes 
five executives and 12 regional commanders as well as the air force and 
navy chiefs. 

The first statement from the new rulers says the purpose of the change is 
to establish a disciplined democratic system and a modernised nation. 

SLORC took power nine years ago after troops killed hundreds of people in 
the streets of Rangoon and around the country in a bloody crackdown on 
nationwide pro-democracy demonstrations against the previous military 

[ABC News, 16 November 97]