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Statement of the ABSL (r)

At 10:42 AM 11/15/97, you wrote:
>                          THE BURMA.
>We,   the All Burma Students' league  has not been shock or
>surprise  by the development in the present ruling military
>establishment  of Burma.  We aware at this change is a part
>of  the magic  game of  the betrayal  junta.  And  there is
>indication  of  the  power struggle  between  incumbent and
>upcoming army commanders and real and dictatic power of the
>present  junta  is in  the hand  of  the strongman  Ne win.
>To  abolished the  State Law and  Order Restoration council
>(SLORC)  and formation  of the State  Peace and Development
>Council  (SPDC) is just cosmetic  change in order to divert
>international intention and public's sentiment of
>anti-military  establishment.  Although  we could  not sees
>this changes between the ruling junta as a development,  we
>are  consider on  the name of  new of the  new outfit,  the
>Peace  and Development that mean they wish to restore peace
>in the country.
>Therefore,   we  the ABSL  strongly  urge the  new military
>establishment  of  the  SPDC;  To  stop  military operation
>against   resistance   forces  and   declare  unconditional
>cease-fire in the country,  To recognise the verdict of the
>1990  general elections,  and to dialogue with Aung Sun Suu
>Kyi led democracy forces,  And to release all the political
>prisoners  in the  country including student  leader Min Ko
>Naing  and  Lower Ne  Min immediately  and unconditionally.
>Central Committee
>All Burma Students' league.
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Dear friends,
Thank you. Very good response to them. You are on the right tract.