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Statement of the ABSL

                          THE BURMA.

We,   the All Burma Students' league  has not been shock or
surprise  by the development in the present ruling military
establishment  of Burma.  We aware at this change is a part
of  the magic  game of  the betrayal  junta.  And  there is
indication  of  the  power struggle  between  incumbent and
upcoming army commanders and real and dictatic power of the
present  junta  is in  the hand  of  the strongman  Ne win.

To  abolished the  State Law and  Order Restoration council
(SLORC)  and formation  of the State  Peace and Development
Council  (SPDC) is just cosmetic  change in order to divert
international intention and public's sentiment of
anti-military  establishment.  Although  we could  not sees
this changes between the ruling junta as a development,  we
are  consider on  the name of  new of the  new outfit,  the
Peace  and Development that mean they wish to restore peace
in the country.

Therefore,   we  the ABSL  strongly  urge the  new military
establishment  of  the  SPDC;  To  stop  military operation
against   resistance   forces  and   declare  unconditional
cease-fire in the country,  To recognise the verdict of the
1990  general elections,  and to dialogue with Aung Sun Suu
Kyi led democracy forces,  And to release all the political
prisoners  in the  country including student  leader Min Ko
Naing  and  Lower Ne  Min immediately  and unconditionally.

Central Committee
All Burma Students' league.

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