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SLORC no longer exists in previous (r)

It is too learly to judge wheather these dictators with new names are good or
bad. The fact, the SLORC's right thing to do is just to transfer power to the
elected representatives from NLD and Etc.. Renaming country, Burma to
Myanmar, and an organization, SLORC to whatever, is some points to turn aside
to international and national from the attention on the organization's bad
image and bad reputation.

The Rangoon Post working group (USA)

In a message dated 97-11-15 09:54:35 EST, you write:

 SLORC now no longer exists and the name has been changed. A few of the top 6
 ministers remain. Minister for Trade has been removed. Appears most of the
 corrupt have been replaced. 
 Hopefully the first step towards a more moderate government which can do a
 deal with NLD and others.