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NEWS- Myanmar, Vietnam Vow to Coope

Myanmar, Vietnam Vow to Cooperate in Combating Drugs


               YANGON (Nov. 14) XINHUA - Myanmar and
               Vietnam vowed to further cooperate in
               combating narcotic drugs, according to
               today's official newspaper The New Light of

               Drug control officials of Myanmar and
               Vietnam held their third meeting here
               Thursday to discuss cooperation in
               combating narcotic drugs under an
               agreement initiated in 1995. 

               The meeting discussed activities of the two
               countries in their fight against narcotic drugs
               at national level and cooperation in
               conducting training courses. 

               Myanmar and Vietnam signed an agreement
               on cooperation in combating narcotic drugs
               between the two countries in Ho Chi Minh
               city in March 1995, and the first and second
               meetings were held in Yangon and Hanoi in
               November 1995 and September 1996

               Myanmar and Vietnam are also among the
               six signatories to the 1993 New York
               Memorandum of Understanding to control
               illicit drug trafficking and abuse in the