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Correction on 'Voice' e-mail addres

Please direct all rebuttals, responses, and letters to the editor regarding
Kohei HASHIMOTO's obnoxious article so symptomatic of Japanese companies and
government officials  to "Voice Magazine."  "Voice"  is a monthly
publication of the PHP (Peace-Happiness-Prosperity) Institute which belongs
to the Matsushita Group, manufacturers of National and Panasonic products.
The address of the organization is:

PHP Institute Co.Ltd
11 Kitanomachi Nishi-Kujo 
Kyoto-city, 601
phone +81-75-681-4431
or  The Editing Department -- 
PHP Institute   
Voice Editing Section
3-10 Sanban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102
phone +81-3-3239-6220
e-mail <r-mine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  THIS LINE WAS INCORRECT

We would also be very interested in anything you write to PHP about this

Thanks very much.

With metta,
Visakha and Ken Kawasaki