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Dear All,

Have you ever heard BSPP or SLORC or military own media, saying that
(Mrs) Tin Tin Ne Win, (Mrs) Khin May Than Ne Win, (Mrs) Ya Da Nar Net
Mae Ne Win, (Mrs) Ni NI Myint Ne Win or (Mrs) **** Than Shwe  or
(Mrs)****Khin Nyunt?

OKKAR66127@xxxxxxx wrote:

>                          INFORMATION SHEET
> No.A-0207(I/L)                                          Date. 13-11-97
>                 Mrs Aris' Destabilization of Tranquility of the Nation
>                 Daw Su Kyi and members of the NLD went to the NLD
> office of Hlaing Township
> on 13 November to conduct Youth Movement. She gave the task of
> organizing
> this Youth Movement Programme to NLD Hlaing Township Chairman U Myint
> Than.
> NLD Yangon Division prepared the letter regarding the Youth Movement
> and send
> it to the Hlaing Township Law and Order Restoration Council. But U
> Myint Than
> (Chairman of NLD Hlaing Township) replied to Daw Su Kyi stating that
> it is
> not appropriate to organize the Youth Movement now and it should be
> conducted
> only after the National Day which falls on the 24 November.
>                 However, NLD Central Executive Member U Soe Myint
> pressured  U Myint Than
> and forced him to materialize  the movement.. U Myint Than explained
> the fact
> that it is impossible and this action would confront the authorities
> concerned. U Myint Than also added that this movement would also
> destabilize
> the ward society and confuse the problem, so that he cannot perform
> such acts
> that possess no political dignity, it is learnt.
>                 However, the intimation letter for the Youth Movement
> in the NLD office of
> Hlaing Township has been sent to the Township Law and Order
> Restoration
> Council. At 2 pm the responsible personnel of NLD Hlaing Township have
> been
> legally called and briefed by the Township Law and Order Restoration
> Council
> official informing them it is not allowed to conduct the organization
> movement.
>                 Then, Deputy Chairman of NLD, Hlaing Township U Hla
> Myint has reported the
> order of rejection of Township Law and Order Restoration Council to
> NLD Head
> Quarters at 3 pm. U Myint Than himself, the owner of the house has
> also
> refused to allow this movement. On account of this force of pressure
> and
> weightage U Myint Than has resigned from the post of Chairman of NLD,
> Hlaing
> Township and also the party-membership and the  resignation letter has
> been
> sent to NLD Head Quarters on the very early morning of 13 November, it
> is
> learnt.
>                 U Aung Shwe and U Tin Oo arrived at her residence at
> 8:15 am on 13 November
> and after 5-minute-talk with her left the residence. Then, Daw Su Kyi
> left
> her house by car. On her departure the security officer  enquired her
> out-going place but Daw Su Kyi  replied  rudely that it is not
> necessary and
> he can stay behind if he does and left her house. So the security
> personnel
>  concerned have not opened the gate and the University Avenue Road
> remained
> closed as before. Simultaneously, about 40/50 members of NLD party
> have
> assembled with cars at the facade of the NLD office, Yangon Division
> and Daw
> Su Kyi has left her residence without telling anything about her
> whereabouts
> of out-going to the on-close-security personnel.
>                 Close and careful observation of the movement
> activities clearly revealed
> the underlying ulterior motive and plan to proceed with a huge crowd
> in a
> convoy of cars to disrupt the peace and tranquility in the city. Such
> a
> situation cannot be tolerated or condoned, thus to prevent further
> aggravation of the problem, the University Avenue has been sealed off
> and Daw
> Su Kyi requested not to proceed to the NLD office, where a large
> number of
> cars and people have gathered. In spite of the courteous request she
> has
> refused to comply and as a gesture of protest she refused to get out
> of the
> car, it is learnt.
> ***************************
> The following is the Burmese version. Please change to one of the
> Win-Myanmar
> fonts. The original message is typed in Win Innwa font.
>         trsdK;om;'Drdkua&pD tzGJUcsKyfrS a':atmifqef;pkMunf ESifh
> tzGJUonf Edk0ifbm
> (13) &ufaeUwGif vSdKif NrdKU e,f ½Sd yg wD ½Hk; odkU oGm; a&muf í vl
> i,f zGJU
> pnf; a&; vSKyf ½Sm; rSK jyK vkyf &ef pD pOf cJh yg onf/ ¤if; t pD t
> pOf udk
> aqmif ½Guf &ef tifef t,fvf 'D NrdKU e,f OuúX OD; jrifh oef; udk wm 0ef
> ay;
> cJh yg onf/ r0w odkU ay; &ef pmudk yg tifef t,fvf 'D &ef ukef wdkif;
> Xm e
> csKyf u t oifh a&; om; ay; cJh yg onf/ vSdKif NrdKU e,f tifef t,fvf 'D
> O uúX
> OD; jrifh oef; u , ck t csdef t cg wGif vSdKif NrdKU e,f tifef t,fvf
> 'D ½Hk;
> odkU a': pk Munf ESifh t zGJU vm a&muf í vSKyf ½Sm; rSK rsm; jyK vkyf
> &ef t
> csdef t cg r oifh í aqmif ½Guf jcif; r jyK vkyf &ef ESifh t rsdK; om;
> aeU
> jzpf onfh Edk 0if bm v (24) &uf aeU aemuf ydkif; rS om aqmif ½Guf ap
> vdk
> aMumif; jyef Mum; cJh onf/
>         odkU aomf vnf; Edk 0if bm v (12) &uf aeU aeU vnf ydkif; wGif
> tifef t,fvf 'D
> A [dk t vkyf t rSK aqmif t zGJU 0if OD; pdk; jrifh u OD; jrifh oef;
> udk ac:,l
> awGU qHk í vSdKif NrdKU e,f ½Hk; odkU a': pk Munf ESifh t zGJU uGif;
> qif; í
> vl i,f zGJU pnf; a&; vSKyf ½Sm; rSK rsm; jyK vkyf Edkif &ef r jzpf r
> ae pD
> pOf &ef zd tm; ay; ap cdkif; &m OD; jrifh oef; u r jzpf Edkif aMumif;?
> þ ud
> pö rSm a' o cH tm Pm ydkif rsm; ESifh xdyf wdkuf awGU Edkif aMumif;? ,
> ck
> vSKyf ½Sm; rSK onf tifef t,fvf 'D \ yg wD ud pö taMumif; jy í &yf uGuf
> xJ ü
> vHk NcHK rSK xd cdkuf atmif jy ó em ½Sm ae onfh vkyf &yf jzpf
> aomaMumifh?
> Edkif iH a&; od u©m r ½Sd onfh t vkyf udk r vkyf Edkif aMumif; ajym
> Mum; cJh
> onf [k od & yg onf/
>         odkU aomf tifef t,fvf 'D &ef ukef wdkif; \ t pD t pOf jzifh
> vSdKif NrdKU e,f
> tifef t,fvf 'D ½Hk; wGif vl i,f zGJU pnf; a&; vkyf ief; rsm; vkyf rnf
> jzpf
> aMumif; t aMumif; Mum; pm udk r 0 w odkU ay; ydkU o jzifh r 0 w u aeU
> vnf (2)
> em &D wGif vSdKif NrdKU e,f tifef t,fvf 'D rS wm 0ef ½Sd ol rsm; udk
> cGifh r
> jyK aMumif; w &m; 0if ac: ,l ajym qdk cJh yg onf/
>         r0w \ ajym qdk csuf ukd vSdKif NrdKU e,f tifef t,fvf 'D 'k O
> uúX OD; vSjrifh
> u aeU vnf (3) em &D wGif tifef t,fvf 'D Xm e csKyf odkU oGm; a&muf
> ajym qdk
> taMumif; Mum; cJh NyD; tdrf ½Sif OD; jrifh oef; t ae jzifh vnf; cGifh
> r jyK
> Edkif aMumif; ajym qdk cJh onf [k od & yg onf/ xdk odkU t wif; t Muyf
> cGifh
> jyK &ef wdkuf wGef; ajym qdk rSK rsm; ½Sd o jzifh OD; jrifh oef; onf
> vSdKif
> NrdKU e,f tifef t,fvf 'D OuúX t jzpf rS ESKwf xGuf vdkuf aMumif;? yg
> wD 0if t
> jzpf u vnf; ESKwf xGuf vdkuf aMumif; taMumif; Mum; onfh pm udk Edk 0if
> bm v
> (13) &uf aeU eH euf apm apm ydkif; wGif yg wD Xm e csKyf odkU oGm;
> ydkU vdkuf
> aMumif; od & yg onf/
>         Edk 0if bm (13) &uf aeU eH euf (8) em &D (15) rd epf cefU wGif
> OD; atmif a½T
> ESifh OD; wif OD; onf a': pk Munf \ae tdrf odkU vm a&mufcJh NyD; (5)
> rd epf
> cefU p um; ajym í jyef vnf xGuf cGg oGm; NyD; aemuf a':pk Munf onf ae
> tdrf rS
> um; jzifh jyif y odkU xGuf cGg cJh yg onf/ xdk odkU xGuf cGg pOf vHk
> NcHK a&;
> t &m ½Sd u oGm; rnfh ae &m tm; ar; jref; &m a': pk Munf rS ajymp&m r
> vdk
> aMumif;?]] r vdkuf csif ae cJh}} [k &ifh oD; pGm ajym qdk í jyif y
> odkU xGuf
> cGg oGm; &m wuúodkvf &dyf om vrf; tm; , cif u yif t wm; t qD; cs vrf;
> ydwf
> xm; onfh ae &m wGif ouf qdkif &m vHk NcHK a&; t zGJU rS vrf; zGifh ay;
> jcif;
> r ½Sd bJ? vrf; ydwf xm; cJh yg onf/
>         w csdef wnf; rSm yif tifef t,fvf 'D yg wD 0if (40^50) cefU onf
> um; rsm;
> ESifh tifef t,fvf 'D &ef ukef wdkif; ½Hk; a½SU wGif t oifh apmifh
> qdkif; ae
> Mu NyD; a': pk Munf rS vnf; t eD; uyf vHk NcHK a&; t zGJY udk rnf onfh
> ae &m
> odkU oGm; rnf r ajym bJ xGuf cJh yg onf/ ¤if; vSKyf ½Sm; rSK rsm; udk
> Munfh
> yg u &nf ½G,f csuf o abm xm; rsm; r ½dk; om; onf udk awGU ½Sd & NyD;
> armf
> awmf um; rsm;? vl tkyf rsm; jzifh NrdKU vnf wGif vSnfh vnf í wnf Nidrf
> at;
> csrf; a&; udk ysuf jym; atmif vkyf aqmif Edkif onfh t wGuf r vdk vm;
> tyf onfh
> jyóem rsm; r jzpf ap &ef t wGuf wuúodkvf &dyf om vrf; udk ydwf NyD;
> a': pk
> Munf tm; tifef t,fvf 'D ½Hk; wGif um; rsm; ESifh apmifh ae aom vl pk
> vl a0;
> ½Sd &m ae &m odkU r oGm; &ef arwÅm &yf cH wm; jrpf xm; yg onf/
> -----------------