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Asia-Europe meeting might be cancel (r)

Asia-Europe Meeting should go on in spite of Burma (now called Myanmar).
Whether Burma is included or not included is not the point, what do we do
with Burma and what do we say to Burma is more important. 

I for one, would be happy if we invited them to the meeting and told them the
facts (truths) as they are:

1. The Burmese Army since 1962, after seizing power from U Nu has been
     unsuccessfully trying to legitimize itself.

2. They used BSPP as the vehicle to launch the Army supported Sosialist
    Movement. AS everybody knows, this effort failed resulting in the 1988
    Democracy Uprising. 

3. Then BSPP (with U Ne Win announcing his retirement and so on) and the
     Army deciding that the results of the Army controlled elections was un-
     acceptable, formed SLORC to continue their stranglehold on the country.

4. The NUP which was to replace BSPP did not materialize either. How could
     it ???? 90% of the military voted for the NLD in the 1990 elections. 

5. Now USDA !!!!!    Folks, this is not beef safe for human consumption. This
    BSPP with new initials. This is the party that will support continued
    CONTROL of our country.

6. Now, Burma is a member of ASEAN. If we believe the other members such
    as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Plillipines will be
    mentors, we are fooling ourselves.

7. These countries are barely one step ahead of Burma. These countries are
     Dictatorships undergoing some changes and hardly models to follow.

8. The long term well being of PACRIM NATIONS whether they be TIBERS or
     PUSSY CATS depends on the International Community of Developed

9. Help to this area in general and to specific countries as required should
    tied to few basic requirements such as upholding the Universal
    of Human Rights, and so on.