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More Information about UAK

To All those interested in unauthorised NLD(LA)Australia
Thank you very much brothers activists.
I have received many activists? e-mail and informing about U Aye Kyaw?s 
 His niece( Ma Phyu ) is going to visit Burma on 15 of November 
 The connection between NLD(LA) Aus and CRDB (NAW)is that two 
brothers are leading both Organisations. Dr Tint Wai who is president of 
CRDB is elder brother of U Aye Kyaw.
 Other real two brothers of U Aye Kyaw are active SLORC high 
ranking Military Officers.
 The names of the two brother of U Aye Kyaw are Colonel Win 
Myint and Colonel Thet Tin Hlaing in SLORC armed forces.
 Has U Aye Kyaw informed openly to the members of the so called 
NLD(LA)Australia of this fact?
 The Democratic Burmese Community has deserted U Aye Kyaw for 
very long time ago.

Dear U Aye Kyaw,
Some people say, silence is admission. Isn?t?
Did you join the NLD party in Burma?
I tell you. You never joined the NLD party at all.

Ba Thaw and Myint Thein

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