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Lufthansa update

Our recent report on the activities of Lufthansa Service Gesellschaft Holding AG (LSG) in Rangoon has led to some confusion. People who wrote to Lufthansa in order to protest against the opening of an LSG catering centre at Rangoon International Airport received the answer that Lufthansa had no plans for a centre of the kind. The reason for these contradictory pieces of information is simple: Lufthansa Airlines and LSG are two different companies that are only very losely connected. So while Lufthansa Airlines have no intention of opening a catering centre in Rangoon, LSG definitely have. Works on the new centre are due to begin within the next couple of weeks. It is absolutely vital that you keep on protesting against this project! Please send your letters to: Lufthansa Service Gesellschaft Holding AG, Ms. Ina Breitsprecher, Dornhof 40, D-63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany or fax them to ++49-6102-722506.

Dagmar Puh
Burma Buero, Germany