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Please be ware," dangerous man like

U Aye Kyaw and supporter Thawma(Nyi Nyi Soe)

You both haved seeked legitimacy like SLORC through inferences and not 
by approval. The so called NLD(LA)Australia has done extreme damage to 
the credibility  of all Refugees applicants in Australia. One of the top  
EC member in so called NLD(LA)australia Tin Maung Shein( Australian 
refugee) went to Burma and is now still associated with both groups and 
the leaders.
Their actions have resulted in all applications being rejected without 
even an Interview.U aye Kyaw is dangerous persons who are either 
affiliated to SLORC or opportunists.
Against all opposition from Democratic Burmese Community in Australia U 
Aye Kyaw sponsored the Burmese singers closed to SLORC May Swi, Moss and 
the Modi group. They even made submissions to the Ministers for 
Immigration and Foreign affairs. 
How can this Singers group return to Burma after being sponsored by the 
so called NLD(LA) Australia.
Please avoid so called NLD(LA)Australia as they are DANGEROUS to our 
cause for Democracy in Burma.

Ba Thaw

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