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How many SLORC agents in Australia?

Read carefully please!!!!!!!!
To all those interested in so called NLD(LA)Australia

I have tried to do the right thing by seeking information on the setting 
up of so called NLD(LA)Australia. All requests to the so called self 
appointed chairman U Aye Kyaw and his supporter Thawma (Nyi Nyi Soe) to 
find out whether so called NLD(LA) Australia is legitimate has failed. 
They have not reply to my following inquires.

>From eyar@xxxxxxxxxxxx Sat Nov  8 19:06:40 1997
Received: from default (galatia28.amaze.net.au []) by 
mail.amaze.net.au (8.8.4/8.8.2) with ESMTP id NAA09450; Sun, 9 Nov 1997 
13:05:18 +1100
Date:	Sun, 09 Nov 1997 14:00:37 +1000
>From:	Nyi Nyi Soe <eyar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  
To:	Ba Thaw <bathaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
CC:	ekyaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, azappia@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:	Re: Unauthorized NLD(LA)AUS
	Ba Thaw wrote:

 Dear U Nyi Nyi Soe and U Aye Kyaw,

 You both can not form NLD(LA) Aus because you don?t have any connection 
with NLD(LA) BKK. That is your first mistake.

I think, some people become a hobby to form a new party or new group 
when they want to become top role in that group. That is not the right 
thing to do and it doesn?t solve the problem. Please answer the question 
that I asked before. My self and BKK are interested to know the 
connection between CRDB (NSW)and NLD(LA) AUS.
Do you deny that EC member in both group Tin Maung Shein( Australian 
refugee) went to Burma and is now still associated with both groups and  
the ?Leaders?. I refer to your U Aye Kyaw e-mail 19 October 97in which 
he tried to prove legitimacy of NLD(LA) (like SLORC and the national 

No.1 he said that Ms Zappia was present. Does it mean that the NCGUB has 
given the approval. Please let me have the date of approval letter.

No.2 please explain  intimate contact? Are you making people believe  
that the two elected members of   parliament has given the approval ? 
Sounds like SLORC legitimacy.

No.3 who are the ?Democracy loving Burmese patriots? ?

No.4 who are the ?Brethren Organizations in Australia? ?
Another SLORC type legitimacy. As far as I know, you do not have the 
legitimacy in Australia. Can you please tell me the date on which  
NLD(LA) BKK and NCGUB has given their approval. If you can not give me 
satisfactory answer, I will be force to tell every one on the Net that 
you are not legitimate and that you are either opportunists or working 
for SLORC. I give you three days for a proper reply and not the bull 
shit statement of 19 October 97.
Please don?t think that we are all stupid. Ba Thaw (BKK)

(This is the statement of SLORC way sent by U Aye Kyaw on the Burma net 
on 19th October 97)
Dear Ko/U Thawda Lwin
Please forgive me for my late reply as I had to discuss with this matter 
with my central executive committee members so that I can give you my 
central executive committee?s voice. First I would like to express my 
heart-felt thanks for your genuine interest in NLD (LA) AUSTRALIA.
1.	The NLD(LA) AUSTRALIA Organizing committee was formed on June 22, 
1996 by U Win Khet, the then Chairman of NLD (LA) and the executive 
committee was elected democratically on 8th February 1997 under the 
supervision of U Win Khet and in the presence of Ms Amanda Zappia, the 
Australian representative of NCGUB.  U Win Khet, as the chairman of NLD 
(LA), has reaffirmed the formation of NLD (LA) AUSTRALIA in his opening 
address to the 2nd Congress of NLD (LA).
2.	NLD (LA) AUSTRALIA has a very intimate contact with the members of 
the parliament who has been elected in 1990 election in Burma, NLD (LA) 
3.	NLD (LA) AUSTRALIA comprises of NLD members, NLD (youth) members and 
democracy loving Burmese patriots.
4.	NLD (LA) AUSTRALIA has been working hand in hand with other brethren 
organisations in Australia and other parts of the world in its fight 
against the militarism and its quest for democracy and human rights in 

Yours sincerely
Aye Kyaw

Read carefully again this please!!!!!!

Failing to receive the answers, I can only conclude that the so called 
NLD(LA)Australia is not legitimate. They seek legitimacy like SLORC 
through inferences and not by approval. The so called NLD(LA)Australia 
has done extreme damage to the credibility  of all Refugees applicants 
in Australia. One of the top  EC member in so called NLD(LA)australia 
Tin Maung Shein( Australian refugee) went to Burma and is now still 
associated with both groups and the leaders.
Their actions have resulted in all applications being rejected without 
even an Interview. They are dangerous persons who are either affiliated 
to SLORC or opportunists.
Against all opposition from Democratic Burmese Community in Australia 
they sponsored the Burmese singers closed to SLORC May Swi, Moss and the 
Modi group. They even made submissions to the Ministers for Immigration 
and Foreign affairs. 
How can this Singers group return to Burma after being sponsored by the 
so called NLD(LA) Australia.
Please avoid so called NLD(LA)Australia as they are DANGEROUS to our 
cause for Democracy in Burma. 

Ba Thaw

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