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                             INFORMATION SHEET
No.A-0203(I/L)		 			              Date. 10-11-97
		No Unlawful Harassment on Mrs. Aris' Activities
		Daw Su Kyi has freely moved in visiting her friends and accepting her
		Regarding her activities in Yangon, Daw Su Kyi met at her residence
Ambassador Head of Delegation and members of EU Mr Michale Caillout, a French
and Mr Dominic Warit Whiting, a British at 1600 hrs to 1645 hrs on 5
November. She went to the British Ambassador's residence together with U Aung
Shwe, U Tin Oo and U Lwin at 1230 hrs to 1445 hrs on 6 November. On her
return she went to NLD Head Quarter and met youths at 1455 hrs to 1620 hrs. A
discussion was being held by U Kyi Maung and U Tin Oo at her residence with
45 youths at 1515 hrs to 1730 hrs. She met Charge d' Affaires a.i. of
American Embassy at her residence at 1045 hrs to 1150 hrs on 7 November and
went to the French Ambassador's residence at 1500 hrs to 1640 hrs. She went
to U Maung Ko's (deceased) house meeting his family in Yankin Township at
0925 hrs to 1050 hrs on 9 November.