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good bye Cha!!!!

Tha Nation (Letters to the Editor-6/11/97)
By Artit K

I have seen the story in Manager Daily in which Gen Chavalit gave the 
reason for his resignation to one of his party members as being because 
"the economy is too bad now and will collapse. If I am still prime 
minister, I will be responsible for it. So, let's get out for now and 
leave this problem to others.

"I assure you that we will come back again(after those in power are 
doomed because of the crisis) with even greater honours".

If this is true, it would mean that Gen Chavalit and his gang are the 
most unethical, least humble, bloodles, irresponsible leaders that we 
ever put into office.

I, and I belive all Thais, demand an explanation!

Chavalit and his gangs created all thia mess, and now they want to use 
it to come back with honour? Does he think that Thais are foolish?

Artit K

(My note; Artit K is 'may be a former Gen and used to be a deputy 
PM',Artit K********?)

Anyway, oviously, resignation of Gen Chavalit is good for every ASEAN 
nations especially Burma? I think so. If we look what the other say 
"from (Hong Kong Standard), whether Chavalit went willingly or not, it 
was right that he should do sobefore the situation become even more 
difficult to handle. Thailand's neighbours will hope now that the 
country's difficult economic problems will be managed better by a new 

So, we all should say "good bye Chavalit" who has very good tie with 
Slorc, and hope to see good new government of Thailand in near future.

"Wish all students from safe area, SDC and IDC will be free SOON"



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