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SLORC violate cease-fired agreement (r)

Hi! Mingala,

How do know about KNLP and us the cease-fired agreement, We can says 
don't be dumb.  We have cease-fire agreement situation were many 
different stand so we can do any situation we will like to.


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>        SLORC violate cease-fired agreement and attack the KNLP
>        ======================================================
>On 27 Oct 1997, King-light camp, one of Kayan New Land Party (KNLP) 
>was attacked by the SLORC troops, LB No (85).  The KNLP has been under
>cease-fired agreement with the SLORC since 1994.  This camp is situated 
>the middle of Kayan area and it has been under the control of KNLP for 
>before the cease-fired agreement.
>It is said that the attack was broken out due to dissatisfaction of 
>the KNLP because of the participation of KNLP in the Mae-Tha-Raw-Htar
>agreement, the statement of KNLP in August in which it refused the 
>of incorrect news on the internet by the SLORC's people using the names 
>cease-fired groups, and the demand of KNLP, at 33rd anniversary of 
>National Resistance Day which falls on 4th June 1997, for tripartite 
>And also, recently, there was tension between Shan Nationalities 
>Liberation Organization (SNPLO) and SLORC because three SLORC's 
>surrounded the Headquarters of SNPLO.
>It is learnt that, as of above situations, other cease-fired groups are 
>being concerned.

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