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SLORC violate cease-fired agreement

        SLORC violate cease-fired agreement and attack the KNLP

On 27 Oct 1997, King-light camp, one of Kayan New Land Party (KNLP) camps,
was attacked by the SLORC troops, LB No (85).  The KNLP has been under
cease-fired agreement with the SLORC since 1994.  This camp is situated in
the middle of Kayan area and it has been under the control of KNLP for years
before the cease-fired agreement.

It is said that the attack was broken out due to dissatisfaction of SLORC on
the KNLP because of the participation of KNLP in the Mae-Tha-Raw-Htar
agreement, the statement of KNLP in August in which it refused the release
of incorrect news on the internet by the SLORC's people using the names of
cease-fired groups, and the demand of KNLP, at 33rd anniversary of Kayan
National Resistance Day which falls on 4th June 1997, for tripartite dialogue.

And also, recently, there was tension between Shan Nationalities People's
Liberation Organization (SNPLO) and SLORC because three SLORC's battalions
surrounded the Headquarters of SNPLO.

It is learnt that, as of above situations, other cease-fired groups are also
being concerned.