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A turncoat message from Win Naing a (r)

This article gives us neither theory nor practice of science nor
engineering but a rationalization.

For the sake of time I only will point out one major mistake appears in
this article among other weak arguments which were put forward to achieve
own rationalisation. It is as follows:

	>   Being an ordinary person, I, Win Naing, uphold 
	>   humanrights and value them much. However, if the entire 
	>   population of the country's 45 millions is taken into 
	>   account, humanrights issue alone is not important. 
	>   Economy is highly important for meeting the basic needs of 
	>   each and every citizen of the nation. The theory of giving 
        >   first priority to humanrights and second priority to economy 
        >   may be right theoretically. 

The big mistake in the above paragraph is that of confusion between 
RIGHT and PRIORITY. Please study the definitions and their usages.


RIGHT = (1) what is just, fair treatment
RIGHT = (2) justification, fair claim, thing one is entitled to

By defination(1), RIGHT comes before business, for without a fair
                  treatment good business can't be done.

By definition(2), RIGHT is the thing one is entitled to. Eg. Human rights!

PRIORITY = precedence in rank etc., an interest having prior claim to
One can place priority on the necessities but not on RIGHT.
RIGHT is an essential thing not a necessity.

Eg. Bill of RIGHTS!

I hope this would help.
Let us retold the Burmese comedy which is famous among bachelors.
The title is "interview with a mother-in-law to be".

A bachelor was asked, "do you hold the five precepts"?
	Note: Five precepts for a lay Buddhist person are
	1. Kill not , 2. Steal not, 3. sexual misconduct not,
	4. Lie not, and 5. (never use) Intoxicants.

He answered, I hold 4 precepts not 5. I kill not, I steal not, I commit
no sexual misconduct and I don't use any intoxicants.

I hope one can find an important simile.