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Dear ALL,

	As a famous saying goes; Figures speak themselves  ~ ~

Can someone analyse how limited her activities are in comparison
with the capacity, knowledge, energy, talent and wisdom she possesses. 

Clue (1) It is something like super(wo)man lifting 10 pound weight.
Clue (2) If she were given free access to the public and her party
         members, the number of her activities would have been at 
         least 100 times larger than it was shown in the that 
	 ...emmm...mm  what do we call ...   No. A-0197(I/L).
Clue (3) We, who are on our toe to go back to Burma and reconstruct 
         our (very)own country, would have been there and working 
         happily by now (at this very moment!).

Dear comrades... this is what figures tell me through their numbers.
                 The numbers said to me; "it would have been much 
                 better dear :-( ... our lady can do MUCH better 
                 than that :-( ... ei..ei...ei..." numbers cry...
	         and added " Regretfully, she is NOT free my dear!".

On 6 Nov 1997 eyar@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> We must salute to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. She is working hard for entire
> people. And thanks to owner-myanmar for imform us what she is doing
> inside Burma.
> Thanks,
> E. Soe