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Who authorized the SLORC junta to authorize rallies? United Nations?
Neither elections nor referendum was held in our country's history to
authorize SLORC for issuing such stupid laws and orders.
I am amazed at the shamelessness and brainlessness of those who post
'INFORMATION-SHIT(as Shwe Bama names it)."
Mark this word : "SLORC has no license to rule." 
I am also surprised by their usage of "a functioning democracy" in today's
I-SHIT. In fact, a bunch of armed people has been murdering the people's
growing inspiration to taste what democracy is like.
Do you want to refer those disgraceful activities going on in nightclubs,
hotels, motels, floatels?owned by these people as your functioning
democracy? If so, your democracy stinks.

Myo Thant

> From: OKKAR66127@xxxxxxx
> To: MAYKHA-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: INFORMATION SHEET No. A-0197(I/L)
> Date: Wednesday, November 05, 1997 1:44 AM
>                            INFORMATION SHEET
> No. A-0197(I/L)                                             Date.5-11-97
>            Authorities Prevent NLD from Holding Unauthorized Rallies
>                       to Maintain Stability and Tranquility in the Nation
>                 The government of Myanmar is trying to move the country
towards democracy
> within a solidified union and a supportive economic infrastructure. In
> so the government is interested in meeting its commitments while it
> others to meet theirs. For the long term benefit of Myanmar it is
> that the National League for Democracy Party plays a constructive role
> cooperates with the authorities and (9) others legally existing political
> parties in the country to create conditions necessary to support a fully
> functioning democracy in Myanmar.
>                 Regretfully, Daw Su Kyi's rigid and uncompromising stance
towards the
> authorities has created unnecessary setbacks for Myanmar in its
> towards democracy. The confrontational line she has been pursuing in the
> political arena has quite often forced the authorities to take necessary
> measures intending to maintain stability in the country by the lawful
> enforcement. Unfortunately, her actions and motives are not only
> in the building of democratic institutions but serious setback for
Myanmar in
> becoming a functioning democracy within a reasonable amount of time.
>                 Daw Su Kyi's attempts to hold unauthorized political
activities in various
> townships in spite of the incessant requests by the relevant township
> authorities not to do so are seen as a confrontational stance taken to
> conditions to make the government seemingly repressive and rigid.
>                 Although, through the international media, she has
created an image where
> her activities and movements have been severely restricted by the
> In reality it is not to be such so. (Please refer to appendix (A) for
> activities Daw Su Kyi has taken for the month of October.)
>                 The relevant authorities have from time to time extended
every effort to be
> sure that these political activities are held conveniently as long as
> are conducted within the framework of the law and within the establish
> regulations governing such meetings.
>                 It is very much regretful and surprising to witness that
Daw Su Kyi, who
> has been criticizing the Myanmar Government for not being a democracy has
> failed to realize that even in a full-fledged democratic society
> activities have to be conducted with the framework of the law. Activities
> intended to create civil unrest, disobedience are not tolerated by any
> government in the world regardless of political system they practise.
>                 In order to prevent any unnecessary incidents from taking
place the NLD
> Tamwe Township representatives have been informed by the relevant
> to refrain from holding unauthorized outdoor political rally in the
> on the 5th of November. It is also learnt that Daw Su Kyi's effort to
> the Tamwe Township NLD rally has been prevented from realization.
> ****************
>                 Daw Su Kyi's Activities in October 1997
>                 A chronology of Daw Su Kyi's activities which took place
at her residence
> and outside her residential compound-
> (1) Oct. 1st    -       Visited Panitayarma Shwe Taung Gone Monastery
with son (Kim)
>                         -       Visited mother Daw Khin Kyi's grave with
son (Kim).
>                         -       Went to Mingladon International Airport
to see off Kim.
> (2) Oct. 2nd    -       Round table discussion inside residential
compound attended by
> 52 NLD youths.
>                         -       Dr. Thet Min visited Daw Su Kyi at her
> (3) Oct. 6th    -       NLD C.E.C members met at Daw Su Kyi's residence
for a meeting.
>                         -       NLD female members met with Daw Su Kyi at
her   residence.
> (4) Oct. 8th    -       NLD Pa-An Township representative met with Daw Su
Kyi at her
> residence.
> (5) Oct. 17th   -       Held a religious ceremony of paying homage to
some elderly
> politicians altogether (300) person participated.
> (6) Oct. 18th   -       Attended birthday party of an acquaintance.
> (7) Oct. 19th   -       Visited (5) residences including former President
of Myanmar
> Mahn Win Maung.
>                         -       Held a religious ceremony inviting 5
monks at university avenue
>         residence.
> (8) Oct. 20th   -       Held meeting with (9) C.E.C members at residence.
>                         -       Danuphyu Township NLD representative and
wife visited university avenue
> residence.
>                         -       Meikhtila Township NLD representatives
visited university       avenue
> residence.
>                         -       NLD youths visited university avenue
> (9) Oct. 21st   -       Visited NLD Thaketa Township office.
> (10) Oct. 22th  -       C.E.C member U Lwin and family visited residence
> celebrate U Lwin's birthday.
> (11) Oct. 23rd  -       NLD youths visited residence for a discussion.
>                         -       Visited shops at Mayangone and Sule
Pagoda Road.
> (12) Oct. 25th  -       Visited U Tin Oo's residence.
> (13) Oct. 26th  -       Visited (4) residences of acquaintances.
> (14) Oct. 27th  -       Invited (5) monks to university avenue residence.
> (15) Oct. 28th  -       Visited NLD Mayangone Township office.
>            Chronology of Exchange of Visits Between Daw Su Kyi and Some
> Members
>                                      of the Yangon Diplomatic Corps.
> (1) Oct. 10th   -       Visited French Ambassador at his residence.
>                         -       Visited British Ambassador at his
>                         -       US CDA visited her at university avenue
> (2) Oct. 11th   -       British Ambassador's spouse visited her at
> (3) Oct. 15th   -       (3) former US Ambassadors and US CDA visited her
> residence.
>                         -       Counsellor of German Embassy visited her
at residence.
> (4) Oct. 17th   -       Visited Philippine Ambassador at her residence.
>                         -       Philippine Ambassador visited her
> (5) Oct. 21st   -       Australian Ambassador visited her residence.
> (6) Oct. 24th   -       Chairman of one French company visited her
>                         -       Visited French Ambassador at residence.
> (7) Oct. 27th   -       A British and a Swede visited her residence.
> (8) Oct. 29th   -       CDA of Italian Embassy visited her residence.
> (9) Oct. 30th   -       Visited Japanese Ambassador's residence.
> (10)Oct. 31st   -       Visited French Ambassador's residence.
> ****************