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World Socialist meet's focus on glo

World Socialist meet's focus on globalisation challenges

The Asian Age (New Delhi), November 8, 1997

New Delhi, Nov. 7: Land mines, international terrorism, human rights,
peace process in West Asia, globalisation of economy and disarmament are
some of the key issues to be discussed at the Socialist International
Council meeting on Monday here. Leaders of Socialist, social democratic
and labour parties from 339 member countries are attending the meeting
at Vigyan Bhavan.

The meeting is also, likely to discuss the crisis in Myanmar and Tibet.

The two-day meeting, held in Asia for the first time, will be
inaugurated by Prime Minister I.K. Gujral. Other senior leaders of
Janata Dal, the only member party in India, are also participating in
the meet. Veteran socialist George Femandes has been kept out of the

Addressing a joint press conference with deputy chairman of Planning
Commission Prof. Madhu Dandavate and information and broadcasting
minister Jaipal Reddy, secretary-general of the SIC Luis Ayala said on
Friday the council would discuss new challenges thrown up by
globalisation and the response of social democrats to the changes.

Asked about the status of former Union minister and Samata Party
president George Femandes, who was one of the pioneers of the socialist
movement in India, Mr. Ayala said the organisation did not recognise any
individual but only a political party.

Moreover, the Samata Party's concept, policy and principles were not in
consonance with the SI.

The Janata Dal has been accorded the observer status, a rare honour
which even the Congress during the Jawaharlal Nehru days was accorded,
he said.

The other dignitaries who would attend the meet included Palestine
Liberation Organisation president Yasser Arafat and former Japanese
Prime Minister Mureyama. Countries as varied as Mozambique, which has
the lowest per capita income of $60 a year, and Norway, which has a per
capita income of $30,000, will also be attending the meet.

About countries still under dictatorships, the secretary-general said
their struggle for democracy was still on and the meeting would also
have delegates from Burma.