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House votes on China nuclear deal,

the following is very interesting development re China and US Congress
rejection of Clinton's pro-China, pro-nuclear policy. Also to note, the
French nuclear giant, Framatome, with close links to Cogeam/TOTAL,
recently made bid to buy the nuclear division of the US giant
Westinghouse Electric! The French nuclear lobby, though far out-paced by
the US, know what they need for the future to stay among the ranks of
the superpower nations.

dawn star
EuroBurmanet, paris

Matt Kennedy wrote:
> *** House votes on China nuclear deal, slave labor
> Expressing skepticism China will keep its word on nuclear arms
> control, the House voted Wednesday by an overwhelming margin of
> 394-29 to give itself three more months to review a nuclear energy
> deal with Beijing. It extended to 120 days from 30 days its review of
> President Clinton's certification China agreed it would not sell
> nuclear weapons technology to states such as Iran and Pakistan. It
> also provides an easier, quicker process for Congress to disapprove
> the certification, which is key to China's purchase of nuclear
> reactors which Clinton authorized last week in his summit with
> Chinese President Jiang Zemin. For story
> http://www.infobeat.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=5804783-c56
> =============================================================