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NEWS - Myanmar Strives to Export Mo

Myanmar Strives to Export More Ships


               YANGON (Nov. 6) XINHUA - Myanmar is making
               efforts to build more standardized ships for foreign
               countries to expand its ship building market in the

               The Myanmar Dockyard Enterprise (MDE), a
               state-run organization under the Ministry of
               Transport, has been building a number of freight
               vessels for companies in Southeast Asian countries
               in recent years. 

               The MDE exported the first Myanmar-built ship, a
               38-meter sea pollution control vessel, to Indonesia
               in August 1995, followed by the second one in
               January 1996 which was a 29-meter pusher tug. 

               This year, the MDE is contracted to build eight
               vessels for Singapore and Chinese companies. 

               According to official statistics, Myanmar has built 31
               vessels by itself for cargo and passenger services
               while having imported 103 vessels in the past nine
               years to improve its inland water transport. 

               The statistics also show that the country had 721
               state-owned vessels for its inland water transport
               services and 23 ocean liners and vessels engaged
               in overseas and coastal shipping services in fiscal
               1996-97 ending March. 

               The cooperative and private sectors also ran inland
               and coastal transport services with a total of 4,440
               vessels, of which 90 percent were operated by the
               private sector, it added.