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Burma's military again stops opposi


          Burma's military government is again using force to curtail
          pro-Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's political activities.
          Evan Williams reports.

          Dozens of riot police surrounded a township party office to
          stop Suu Kyi from entering, but party chiefs had already
          called off the Democracy leader's visit after a recent
          two-hours stand-off. Now Burma's SLORC regime has
          issued a detailed attack on Suu KYi, saying her rigid and
          uncompromising stance towards authorities is creating
          unnecessary setbacks for the country's military led
          transition towards democracy.Her confrontational line has
          forced the government to necessary measures it says to
          maintain stability. The regime was furious when Suu Kyi
          recently stopped top party officials from meeting top
          SLORC intelligence chief, General Kin Yunt,saying talks
          had to include the Nobel laureate. Her movement and
          contacts have been increasingly restricted for months. 

	[ABC News, 6 November 97]


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