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Boycott ericsson campaign

It has been learnt that about 30 Burmese patriots and students from
National Union of Students from sydney held a protest rally against the
ericsson australia pty ltd. at No. 112, Talavera Road, North Ryde at 2 p.m.
on 24th of october 1997.  That rally was supported by All Burma Students'
Democratic Front, All Burma Students' Democratic Organization, All Burma
Students' League, Committee for restoration of Democracy in Burma, National
League for Democracy (Liberated Area) Australia, Australian Karen
Organization, Karen Youth Organization, Burmese Family Sydney, National
Union of Students, and Free Burma International Student Solidarity Network.
 All the protesters went into the Building and assembling in front of
ericsson offices tried to meet the authorities of ericsson and explained
them about the Burma situation under the military rule and made demands to
stop dealing with the generals. An open letter was sent to the head office
in Melbourne. It has been learnt that it was a part of the world wide
campaign against the ericsson and it was another push to ericsson after the
melbourne campaign. It was a peaceful demonstration and successfully ended
at 3 p.m. shouting the slogan : Free Burma, Boycott ericsson.