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Statement on recent detention of NL

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Statement by Joint Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (Japan)
 on Recent Detention of  8 NLD Members by SLORC
Dated: Nov.5, 1997
It is obvious that even the NLD Congress held on 27-28 September and atte=
nded by over 700 delegates ended peacefully.  Moreover, Daw Aung San Suu =
Kyi=92s  trip to Thaketa and the NLD Youth Wing meeting held there also e=
nded without any incident. We warmly welcome such kinds of positive signs=
 shown by the authorities concerned. We will never hesitate to appreciate=
 every act which will lead to the meaningful dialogue and genuine nationa=
l reconciliation.

However, the authorities unnecessarily barricaded and blocked the NLD You=
th Wing meeting held in Mayangone township on 28 October and created a sc=
uffle by forcibly taking away many supporters by trucks. And the followin=
g eight NLD members were arrested on the nights of 28-29 October  and the=
ir  whereabouts are still unknown.


Daw San San-NLD Seikkan Divisional Vice-Chairman and NLD  Women=92s Leade=
U Soe Myint -Thaketa Township NLD Chairman
Dr Than yein -an MP-elect from Kyauktan Township
Ma Win Win Htay -a member of the NLD Youth Rangoon Division =

Daw May Win Myint -an MP-elect from Mayangone Township =

Ko Khin Maung Myint -Central Youth member and Secretary of Latha Township=

U Win Thaung   -Mayangone Township NLD Chairman
U Mya Thaung  -the landlord of Mayangone NLD Office

 We strongly protest against the unlawful detention of the above NLD memb=
ers and earnestly demand the SLORC to release them unconditionally and im=
mediately. =

 We strongly condemn the SLORC for its one-sided and heavy-handed acts on=
 the National League for Democracy,a legally-formed and election-winning =

 We seriously remind the SLORC to avoid   such kinds of unlawful acts whi=
ch are contrary to the norms of the  national law  and the international =
law. =



 Joint Action Committee for Democracy in Burma

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               Tel/ Fax : 813-3916-4996                    =

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