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Dear U Thawma or U Eyar and U Aye Kyaw,

I know who you are, you are an associate of  U / Ko Aye Kyaw the self 
appointed chairman of the unauthorized  NLD(LA) Australia.

What have you to hide ? ? ? ?

How far can opportunists like you are prepare to go ? ? ? ? ?

Is he CRDB part of the NLD(LA) Australia. I understand that a person who 
was an Executive member in both organizations visited Burma recently. 
Was this visit approve by both organizations? ? ? ?

Where is the credibility ? ? ? 

Please let me have an answer as soon as possible so that I and the true 
democracy activists may assess the credibility of the NLD(LA) Australia.
Ignoring to answer my question is, both of you are admitting what  it 
and I known, and  should know for every activists.


Ba Thaw (BKK)

OHH...its very rude!!!!
So, why you rise it on the burmanet? Please ask directly to the people 
who are concerned. If you do not know their e-mail address,you can 
easily check the NLD(LA) joint statement which was release two days ago 
on burmanet.
Thank You,


bathaw@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear Ko or U Thawma,

Did  i ask to you ?  If you've got nothing to do with NLD(LA)
please keep quite sir.

I am just curious and asking to U / Ko Aye Kyaw.

Is that Australia liberated area for NLD ?
Please answer me U/Ko Aye Kyaw.


Ba Thaw ( BKK)

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