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Dear Ko or U Thawma,

Did  i ask to you ?  If you've got nothing to do with NLD(LA) Australia, 
please keep quite sir.

I am just curious and asking to U / Ko Aye Kyaw.

Is that Australia liberated area for NLD ?
Please answer me U/Ko Aye Kyaw.


Ba Thaw ( BKK)

)OH  DEAR!!!!
Plase ask Australia government, which overseas activist groups formed 
leglely under those country's law?

Date: 04 Nov 1997 04:03:13
Reply-To:	Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>From:	bathaw@xxxxxxxxxxx

Dear U or Ko Aye Kyaw,

Could you please explain me that NLD(LA) Australia can be formed under 
Australia  government policy?


Ba Thaw

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