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Joint-statement by NLD(LA)JAPAN AND

Joint-statement by NLD(LA)JAPAN and NLD(LA)AUSTRALIA on detention of NLD
members by SLORC
: 3/11/97

We have been cautiously watching the current developments in Burma.  We
have deeply appreciated and applauded the positive steps taken by SLORC
towards restoration of democracy in Burma, allowing the NLD Congress to be
held peacefully and successfully in last month and lifting the restrictions
on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's movements and activities.  We were so pleased to
see that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been allowed to visit Thaketa township on
the NLD Youth Wing organizational trip and to observe a Buddhist
traditional ceremony as well at the NLD headquarter with other NLD Senior
and high ranking members in last month.  We take those steps as good signs
for reconciliation and dialogue processes between the two opposition
forces.  But on 28th of October 1997, a meeting with the NLD Youth Wing at
Mayangone NLD Office was barricaded and blocked by the authorities.  It has
been learnt that many supporters were taken away forcibly by trucks and
Eight NLD members were arrested on the night of 28/29 october 1997.  

Those detained were as follows :
Daw San San, NLD Seikkan divisional vice-chairman and NLD Women's leader
U Soe Myint, the chairman of Thaketa NLD
Dr Than Nyein, an MP-elect from Kyauktan township
Ma Win Win Htay, a member of the Yangon Youth Division
Daw May Win Myint, NLD divisional organizer and an MP-elect from Mayangone
Ko Khin Maung Myint, Central Youth member and Secretary of Latha township
U Win Thaung, the chairman of Mayangone NLD and
U Mya Thaung, the landlord of the Mayangone NLD office.

Their whereabouts have not been known yet.  As human rights abuses are
common in detention centers by practicing torture and ill-treatment
methods, we are very much concerned about the well-being of the above
mentioned detained NLD members.  NLD is a legally registered party in Burma
and functioning according to the law.  We strongly condemn SLORC for its
unfair and heavy-handed treatment on a legally formed NLD party and demand
SLORC to release unconditionally and immediately all those detained NLD
members.  We also warn SLORC that those kinds of acts can not bring
democracy to Burma as smoothly and rapidly as you make known to the world.