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                             INFORMATION SHEET
No.A-0192(I)					Date. 2-11-97
		This office is presenting to our readers an article written by Dr. N.
Angelene entitled " Land of Peace and Ancient Glory: Yangon and Beyond" for
your reading pleasure.
		Land of Peace and Ancient Glory: Yangon and Beyond
		How would you respond if you were asked to go to a place "End of
Hostility?" All those who love peace would promptly say, "well, Let's go!"
Certainly, a place without hostility or enmity is a peaceful place and a
paradise on earth.
		Make yourself a peace-loving person by just visiting Myanmar, the Golden
land, as the first destination you will reach is the capital city "Yangon"
which means "End of Hostility." You'll find your paradise right in the heart
of this city with the 2500-year-old glittering Shwedagon Pagoda rising up in
the skies. The serene lakes and the lushy parks surrounding the pagoda also
adds to the tranquillity thereof. Then, you will be inspired by the hold
atmosphere to call it "the Queen of Buddhist Pagodas" as was the case with a
Mr. Chapman half a century ago.
		Just imagine! Is there any destination better than the city where 'End of
Hostility' crowned with the glory of " the Queen of Buddhist Pagodas"
		Besides, the uniqueness of this city can be found in its antiquity
compatibly combined with the modernity: people here are striding for trendy
lifestyles while preserving the old culture and traditions.
		The rest of the hidden treasures of Yangon shall be left 
unmentioned for the pleasure of knowledge searchers.
		However, some clues are revealed here to let you explore some areas of
priceless experience with sentimental values. Just about 80 km from Yangon
lies Bago, City of Hintha Birds and also an ancient capital of the Kingdom of
Hanthawaddy first founded in 9th century. Then in the 16th century, Bago
became the seat of King Bayintnaung, "Conqueror in Ten Directions," the court
where one of the great kings of Thailand, Naresuan, was nurtured during his
early age.
		Another royal old city of 16th century, Toungoo, lies 200 km from Bago. Not
only the old wall and moat retain the memories of its past but also the name
of a poet of the best loved Myanmar classic poems is inherent in Toungoo.
Here in Toungoo , King Natshinnaung--a warrior, too --composed many