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AW: AI Urgent Action (r)

>Please note that one can send faxes through email as follows:
>For SLORC the email address will be:
>The Faxaway company will forward the email message as a fax. This is a lot cheaper and quicker.
>Also, the embassies can be reached this way. Just make the addresses:
>I include the faxnumbers of the Burma embassies :
>        Consulate Netherlands             (+ 31(0)76 5209270)   
>    Bangkok                    (+66-2) 236-6898
>    Beijing                    (+86-1) 532-1344    
>    Belgrade                   (+38-11) 235-1802
>    Bonn                       (+49-228) 219-316
>    Cairo                      (+202-43) 16793
>    Canberra                   (+61-6) 273-4357
>    Colombo                    (+94-1) 580-460
>    Dhaka                      (+88-2) 883-740
>    Geneva                     (+41-22) 738-4882
>    Hanoi                      (+84-2) 52404
>    Hong Kong                  (+852) 827-6597
>    Islamabad                  (+92-51) 820-123
>    Jakarta                    (+62-21) 327-204
>    Kathmandu                  (+977-1) 523-402
>    Kuala Lumpur               (+60-3) 456 8320
>    London                     (+44-171) 629-4169
>    Manila                     (+63-2) 817-5895
>    Moscow                     (+7-095) 63186
>    New Delhi                  (+91-11) 687-7942
>    New York                   (+1-212) 737-2421
>    Ottawa                     (+1-613) 232-6435
>    Paris                      (+33-1) 4256-4941
>    Rome                       (+39-6)841 3167
>    Seoul                      (+82-2) 796-5570
>    Singapore                  (+65) 235 5963
>    Tel Aviv                   (+972-3) 549-3866
>    Tokyo                      (+81-3) 3447-7394
>    Washington, D.C.           (+1-202) 332-9046
>EXTERNAL  AI Index: ASA 16/31/97
>EXTRA 147/97   Fear of torture/ill-treatment /Possible
>prisoners of conscience    
>31 October 1997
>               Daw San San (f)
>               U Soe Myint
>               Dr Than Nyein, NLD Member of Parliament-elect
>               Win Win Htay alias Ma Po (f)
>               Daw May Win Myint (f), NLD MP-elect
>               Khin Maung Myint
>               U Win Thaung
>               U Mya Thaung
>Eight people, arrested on the night of 28/29 October 1997, are
>feared to be at risk of torture or ill-treatment, common
>during interrogation in Myanmar.  Seven of the detainees are
>leading members of the National League for Democracy (NLD),
>the opposition party led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
>On the morning of 28 October the NLD attempted to hold a
>meeting at its Mayangone township office on the outskirts of 
>Yangon, the capital (see below). However, the security forces
>set up barricades and blocked Aung San Suu Kyi's supporters
>from meeting with her.  A number of them were rounded up and
>trucked several miles away where they were then released.  The
>seven NLD leaders and one other, named above, are still
>believed to be in detention at an unknown place.
>Daw May Win Myint, NLD Divisional Organizer and Member of
>Parliament (MP) elect from Mayagone, was arrested by Military
>Intelligence Officers at 10pm on 28 October after they had
>taken documents from her.  Also at 10pm, Khin Maung Myint, NLD
>Central Youth member and Secretary of Latha Township, was
>arrested by a combined force of Military Intelligence and
>other security personnel.  Daw San San, the NLD Seikkan
>Divisional Vice-Chairman and NLD women's leader, was arrested
>at midnight after documents were taken from her.  At the same
>time, Win Win Htay, a member of the Yangon NLD Youth Division,
>was arrested after security forces seized documents from her.
>U Soe Myint, the Chairman of the Thaketa NLD, was arrested at
>1am on 29 October.  One and a half hours later, Dr Than Nyein,
>an MP-elect from Kyauktan township, was arrested after a
>combined group of Military Intelligence and other security
>forces had confiscated documents from his home.  U Win Thaung,
>the Chairman of the Mayangone NLD, was arrested sometime late
>in the evening of 28 October or in the early hours of 29
>October.  U Mya Thaung, who is the landlord of the Mayangone
>NLD office, was arrested at around the same time.
>The State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), Myanmar's
>military government, has subsequently accused the NLD of being
>"confrontational" and of attempting to embarrass the SLORC in
>front of the international community. On 30 October the SLORC
>stated that it had detained four NLD members for questioning,
>but did not identify the four.  The authorities further
>claimed that the four were breaking the law by holding the
>The 28 October meeting had been planned in order to reorganize
>the Mayangon Township's NLD youth wing. The previous week, on
>21 October, Aung San Suu Kyi had travelled to Thaketa, outside
>of Yangon, in order to meet NLD youth members there. The
>authorities did not prevent her from holding the meeting, and
>they also allowed the NLD to hold a national party congress in
>late September for the first time.  However, the latest
>crackdown on peaceful political activity has diminished hopes
>that the SLORC is becoming more tolerant of NLD activities.   
>RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/ faxes/
>express/airmail letters in English or your own language:
>- calling on the authorities to immediately make known the
>whereabouts of the eight detainees and the charges against
>them, and to release all eight immediately and unconditionally
>if they are being held solely for their peaceful political
>- urging that the detainees be protected from any form of
>torture or ill-treatment and granted immediate and continuing
>access to their lawyers, doctors, and family members, in
>accordance with international standards. 
>Lieutenant General Khin Nyunt, Secretary 1
>State Law and Order Restoration Council
>c/o Director of Defence Services Intelligence (DDSI)
>Ministry of Defence, Signal Pagoda Road
>Dagon Post Office
>Union of Myanmar
>Telegrams: General Khin Nyunt, Yangon, Myanmar
>Telexes: 21316
>Faxes: +95 1 229 50
>Salutation: Dear General
>Senior General Than Shwe, Chairman
>State Law and Order Restoration Council
>c/o Director of Defence Services (DDSI)
>Ministry of Defence, Signal Pagoda Road
>Dagon Post Office
>Union of Myanmar
>Telegrams: General Than Shwe, Yangon, Myanmar
>Telexes: 21316
>Salutation: Dear General
>COPIES TO:  diplomatic representatives of MYANMAR accredited
>to your country.

I remind you that phone numbers in Rangoon are formed of 6 digits, thus Khin Nyunt fax is wrong.
Could you send a correction without which the whole appeal is useless.