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news in Indian paper

Clinton to meet Asean leaders

The Asian Age (New Delhi), November 13 1997

Manila, Nov. 12: US President Bill Clinton is to meet with a group of
South-East Asian leaders in Canada later this month to discuss the
financial turmoil besetting their economies, Philippine foreign secretary
Domingo Siazon said Wednesday. The meeting with the Association of
South-East Asian Nations leaders should be held over breakfast on the
sidelines of the November 24-25 summit of the Asian-Pacific Economic
Co-operation forum in Vancouver, Mr Siazon told reporters here. "President
Clinton has indicated that he would like to have a breakfast with the
Asean leaders," he said.

The Filipino official said ASEAN expects the US leader to discuss "how to
deal with this particular currency turbulence, and of course to reassure
South-East Asia that in the eyes of the United States of America,
South-East Asia is important as a major economic partner." The meeting has
been tentatively set for November 24, he added. Asean groups, Brunei,
Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as
Burma and Laos. (AFP)

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