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                           INFORMATION SHEET
No.A-0218(I/L)		 			               Date.20-11-97
		With effect from 1st October 1995 National League for Democracy Party
rented the No. 302, Thanthumar Road, No.(5) ward South Okkalapa Township to
open its Township Head Quarters. The landlady Daw Tin Myint agreed to the
lease of her house for one year. At present, the lease as exceeded one year,
the landlady wishes to sell her house, she requested that her house be
vacated by the NLD. But, up to now the NLD South Okkalapa Township Head
Quarters have refused to comply with her request, as a result of which the
landlady is very much annoyed. It is learnt that if the NLD continues to
violate the term of the agreement she is making arrangement to bring a suit
against them in court.