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Did U Aung San make this law? (r)

Mr. Okkar,

We know that you are not Col. Hla Min but that you are posting message 
from Rangoon. 

Aung Kyawy

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>Mr. Bertil Litner write:
>> I have no other interest in this debate than to point out what is=20
>> hisrorically accurate, and DDSI Lt-Col Hla Min=92s (aka Okkar) 
version =
>> what the 1947 constitution said is grossly inaccurate. His poor grasp 
>> history is also reflected in the following phrase: =93In the 
>> Independent Constitution which was promulgated in 1948 by
>> General Aung San there includes a clause...=94 First of all, there is 
>> way Aung San could have =93promulgated=94 any constitution in 1948. 
He =
>> assassinated on July 19, 1947, which I thought every Burmese knew.=20
>> Further, no single person =93promulgated=94 this constitution; Aung 
>> played an important role in drafting it - and it was passed by a=20
>> democratically elected Constituent Assembly on Sept 26, 1947. It 
>> into effect when Burma became independent on Jan 4, 1948. These are 
>> historical facts. But whoever should become Burma=92s future 
president =
>> prime minister is not my problem. I am a journalist and will write 
>> whatever political changesmay take place in future in Burma.
>> Bertil Lintner
>    I do not intend to participate in this debate but I would like to 
>one thing clear. That is =93Okkar is not Lt-Col Hla Min=94. If someone 
>that Okkar is Lt-Col
>Hla Min, all the truths  I have posted to SCB and to the news groups 
>myself will become untruths. For example... I said that I am a Skaw 
> and
>I am a Christian (Roman Catholic). I don=92t think that Col. Hla Min is 
> Karen
>or he is a Christian. I said that I was borned in Irrewaddy Division 
but =
>don=92t know where Col. Hla Min was borned.
>    All the personal replies to SCB and to the news groups or to the
>individuals sent from OKKAR66127=92s account were  made by me unless 
the =
>name was mentioned such as (by ---??? ). They were not made by Col. Hla 
>or any other one else.
>    I hope that Mr. Bertil Litner will see the truth, by now.

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