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Did U Aung San make this law? (r)

I have no other interest in this debate than to point out what is 
hisrorically accurate, and DDSI Lt-Col Hla Min's (aka Okkar) version of 
what the 1947 constitution said is grossly inaccurate. His poor grasp of 
history is also reflected in the following phrase: "In the original 
Independent Constitution which was promulgated in 1948 by
General Aung San there includes a clause..." First of all, there is no 
way Aung San could have "promulgated" any constitution in 1948. He was 
assassinated on July 19, 1947, which I thought every Burmese knew. 
Further, no single person "promulgated" this constitution; Aung San 
played an important role in drafting it - and it was passed by a 
democratically elected Constituent Assembly on Sept 26, 1947. It went 
into effect when Burma became independent on Jan 4, 1948. These are the 
historical facts. But whoever should become Burma's future president or 
prime minister is not my problem. I am a journalist and will write about 
whatever political changesmay take place in future in Burma.

Bertil Lintner