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Did U Aung San make this law? (r)

Re: Did U Aung San make this law?	
(By - Dr. Kyaw May (B.A.BL) Bangkok).
There is no such law? Come on Bert.
		B. Linter stated in the Burma net that Chapter V. 49, this law was not
aimed at people married to foreigners, but against the Indo-Burmese and
Sino-Burmese communities in Burma which at that time (late 1940) were very
powerful in both politics and commerce. The law said nothing about spources.
Which he is obviously referring to Aung San Su Kyi. Litner seems to have
deliberately ignored or as usual misquoted the law.
		In the original Independent Constitution which was promulgated in 1948 by
General Aung San there includes a clause which prevents his daughter Mrs. M.
Aris the right to stand for elections in Myanmar. The Law said as follows,
"---any person who is under acknowledgment of allegiance or adherence to a
foreign power, or is a subject or citizen or is entitled to the rights and
privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power is not eligible to
contest for a seat in the country's elections. She has resided abroad for 28
years and her marriage to an Englishman gave her the rights to a U.K
citizenship and more over her two sons are British citizens.