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How is SLORC????

Economic crisis, the world is facing today, which started from Thailand.
The world market is shaking especially SE Asia region. How about SLORC
(I mean SLORC not people)? I haven't heard any voice from them. Does it
(crisis) hart any business of SLORC?

May be they(Slorc) can survive because of opium trade and black money
laundry. One of the black money market's Guru from Pann-so-dan street
said that SLORC is the best customer who buy US dollars (green) from
black money market. She said "of course they(SLORC)  can buy how much
they want because they own the money making mashing".

How about people of Burma????? I can not even imagine how they try to
survive for their days of life. Of course they (Slorc) have never
thought about it ever.

Eyar Soe