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Burma , SLORC , Governments, Media,

Dear All,
    I think distinction between Burma and SLORC is clear for all of us who
are in one way or another fighting for a free and democratic Burma. It is
absolutely sure that SLORC is not our Burma , not Burmese people , nothing
but a group of brutal butchers.
    But as the system of the governments and international institutions does
not necessarily try to conform  with the different political circumstances
in the countries they just follow those in power.
    UN , EU, ASEAN, WTO, IMF, ADB , Governments , Unocal , to name a few.
    The international media is also using the term Burma referring to
SLORC.It means the media, no matter western or eastern,  will write whatever
they think is good for them. Yes,  we know there are some good media people
for us ( a few good men and women).
    Some major media even use the term " Myamar " referring the SLORC.
    we should protest all  them  that I mention above in a bid to make them
politically corrected.
    My last point to U Nge Aung is that Burmese people voted for NLD and
Democracy with a great desire to see a democratic Burma ruled by the
democratic civilians with respect and justice in 1990.
    But those desire had been put on hold for 7 years so far. It is a waste
of time to wait for a good governments in major countries to save the
down-trodden life of the people of Burma. The liberation of our people from
this repressive regime  will be achieved by the power of the people of
Burma.    Period.
 Burmese people cannot wait any longer as SLORC is not the  kind people who
we can expect a fair deal. Never in history !
    Economic crisis in the ASEAN is hitting around the globe .People are
rising against the brutal rulers .The days of SLORC closest friends Gen
Chavalit ,Gen Soeharto  and Dr Mahathir are numbered.So do the  SLORC.
     Remember they are not educated enough to survive the latest crisis.
Watch out.
We cannot wait any longer.

In Solidarity,
A Dawn

(A Dawn means one of the Fighting Peacocks)