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Tibetan Demonstrations

Calendar of Events 

Tibetan Demonstrations & Events in Connection President Jiang Zemin's Visit

October 29 (Wednesday): "Stateless Dinner" organized by the International
Campaign for Tibet and hosted by Actor Richard Gere to coincide with the
State Dinner for President Jiang. Media Contact: ICT 202-785 1515 

October 30 (Thursday): Rally at the site of the Liberty Bell in
Philadelphia. Contact: Carolyn Holland (215) 824 2928. 

October 31 (Friday): Rally in New York. Contact USTC, and SFT 212-533-5705. 

November 1 (Saturday): Rally in Harvard, MA. Contact: Ngawang Jordhen
617-547-5481 and Metta McGarvey 617-648-4456 

November 2 (Sunday) Rally in Los Angeles, CA. Contact Tseten Panucharia