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Distinction between SLORC and BURMA (r)

My dear friend Eugene,

Thank you for reminding our democratic fellows to distinguish between 
Burma, our country and the military dictator SLORC, our enemy. 
I agree with you cent per cent that Burma is not Slorc and never can be 
Slorc, and the Slorc is not Burma and never can be Burma. 
The Slorc is illegitimate and has not been elected, but selected by
through coup d'tat. The will of the Burmese people has been shown clearly 
and uniquely in the May '90 general election, in which the NLD won
while the Slorc was totally rejected. Unfortunately, the mightless world
has to 
wait and see the mightness of the gun-rulers. And the Burmese people have 
to be patient in waiting for a better world governance. 

Your old boy

Nwe Aung