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Distinction between SLORC and BURMA

Excerpt from the FBC's Free Burma Digest

	Distinction between SLORC and BURMA
	by Chao-Tzang Yawnghwe 

Dear compatriots and friends of democracy in Burma: 

It is important that we should always make a distinction in our writings especially between Slorc, the illegal and illigitimate military junta, and Burma (or the
Union of Burma), the country. For example, we should avoid writing "Burma
does not recognize the 1990 elections where the NLD won a landslide
victory", or "The NLD and the democratic opposition opposes Burma's
admission to ASEAN", and so on. In the first sentence, it is Slorc, the
illegitimate junta, which does not recognize the 1990 elections, not
"Burma". In the second, it is Slorc that is being admitted to ASEAN, and
that is why we oppose it, and besides, Slorc do not have the authority to
decide on whether Burma, the country, is to become an ASEAN member or not.
	We should always make this distinction, and whenever possible, we
must insist on this very important distinction between Burma, the country,
and Slorc, the illegal junta. Failure to make this distinction clearly
implies that Slorc represents Burma -- which is not the case. 
	Unfortunately, it is a convention to equate a government with the
country -- this stems from the fact that governments in Western
democracies can claim, due to free and fair elections, to represent the
country and even the nation. In Burma and in most "third world" countries,
this is not the case, even if "elections" are held. 
	It is patently fraudulent for Slorc to claim to represent Burma
and the nation as a whole -- which they insist without end. It is up to us
to expose this fraud, and this is best achieved by making and insisting
that a distinction be made between Slorc and Burma.
	Peace, Chao-Tzang Yawnghwe