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                               NFORMATION SHEET
No.A-0188(I)				                             Date. 29-10-97
(1)		Roundtable on Interaction Between Myanmar and ASEAN Institutes of
Strategic and International Studies Begins
		The Roundtable on Interaction between Myanmar and ASEAN Institutes of
Strategic and International Studies (ASEAN-ISIS) began at the International
Business Centre, on 28 October. Minister for Foreign Affairs Chairman of
Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies U Ohn Gyaw said in
his address that it is a particular honour for the first times as a group
representing the whole ASEAN-ISIS network, and aspiring to interact on a
closer level with the other network members. Since its formation in July
1992, the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies has
consistently sought to fulfil its mandate of promoting interaction with
institutions of strategic and international studies--especially with those in
the region. To this end, the Institute has organised seminars and workshops,
and also delegations of Myanmar academia to participate in seminars and
workshops held by sister institutions in the immediate region and beyond.
Under the aegis of the Institute, Myanmar has participated in the seminars
organised by the ASEAN-ISIS network, welcoming individual ASEAN-ISIS members
in Myanmar on two separate occasions. However, this meeting is the first ever
gathering of similar Institutes under the ASEAN umbrella, to meet and
interact here in Yangon. Participants in our roundtable discussion today also
include the ASEAN focal points of the various Myanmar Ministries. These
people, who are responsible for handling ASEAN-related issues in our national
context, will have a first-hand experience of the ASEAN way of engaging, and
the questions they may raise during discussions will also prove a useful
gauge of Myanmar's perspective and capacity in ASEAN matters. 
		Myanmar's entry, together with Laos, into ASEAN has marked a new era of
interaction and consultation in the Association. The inherent similarity,
despite diversities in our region, is what brings us, and binds us together.
Myanmar is committed to contributing her best effort in developing a clear
understanding of a regional identity for all ten nations in our region,
together with our colleagues. The seminar soon to commence will contribute
towards a better understanding of the issues under discussion, and also serve
as a platform for a deeper enhancement of the existing ties among the sister
Institutes of the ASEAN-ISIS network. The Myanmar Institute of Strategic and
International Studies is still an institution in the making.
		We are committed to be a part of the ASEAN-ISIS network, and participate as
such in future interactions. I am confident that this process of interaction
and mutual learning among member states will enhance and complement the
overriding cause of CONSOLIDATING ONE SOUTH EAST ASIA. After the opening
ceremony, the meeting discussed topics on Myanmar and Regional Integration
and Myanmar's Economy: Prospects and Future. This Roundtable was sponsored by
the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies, in cooperation
with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to facilitate interaction between
Myanmar and ASEAN together with Cambodia.
(2)		Technology Myanmar 97 Conference Focuses on Investment Opportunities,
Multi-Sectoral Development
		The Technology Myanmar 97 Conference commenced at the Hotel Equatorial on
Alanpya Pagoda Road, Yangon on 28 October. This conference is held in
conjunction with Technology Myanmar '97 Industrial Exhibition which is being
co-organized by Munich International Trade Fairs Pte Ltd of Germany. Chairman
of Myanmar Industrial Development Committee (MIDC) Minister for Agriculture
and Irrigation said in his opening address that this conference is a landmark
in the history of Myanma Industrialization. The main object of this
conference is to let the foreign participants know the opportunities for
investment in Myanmar and to make them acquainted with the actual situation
regarding our economic and social condition which you will find very
different from that is being conveyed in the foreign news. You will see for
yourself that we have a very peaceful country with all-round development
taking place in both economic and social sectors. Our MIDC had been given the
very important task of industrialization of Myanmar based on agriculture. The
Technology Myanmar 97 Conference discussed financial plans, investment in
Myanmar, efforts for infrastructural development during the five-year plan,
development in transport and communications, industrial zones, tax free
zones, energy sector, business opportunities and modernization plan through
electricity. The conference will continue tomorrow.
(3)		Myanmar Introduces Universal Transverse Mercator Projection System
		A meeting was held on 28 October to transform Myanmar's map projection
system from Lambert Conical Orthmorphic Projection System to Universal
Transverse Mercator Projection System. The system has many disadvantages in
applying in Myanmar, which has larger expanse from south to north. Every
country has chosen map projection system which is suitable to its location,
area and shape to produce the most accurate maps in accord with the facts it
requires. Myanmar's neighbours China has already adopted Guass Projection
System, Thailand UTM Projection System and India Lambert Projection System
respectively. Myanmar will transform its system to UTM Projection System. The
system is specially appropriated with Myanmar which has greater expanse from
south to north and is located near the equator. Introduction of the system in
Myanmar has become vital as it is widely used in the world at present and
advanced nations are manufacturing machines with the system.
(4)		Two American Paleontologists Arrive to Study and Conduct Research on
		Professor Dr Russel L Chichon of Iowa University and Ms Patricia Holroyd of
California University in the United States arrived Yangon on 26 October to
study fossils of Pondaung region together with Myanmar paleontologists. The
American paleontologists began discussions with the team exploring fossils in
the Pondaung region at the Tatmadaw Guest House 2 on 28 October. The American
experts discussed their international experience on the exploration of
fossils and experience on the primates found in other nations of Asia. 
(5)		Fire Engine, Ambulance for Department of Civil Aviation
		All Nippon Airways (ANA) of Japan presented a fire engine and an ambulance
to the Department of Civil Aviation at Yangon International Airport on 28
October. Managing Director of ANA Mr Nakagawa handed paper for the fire
engine and the ambulance to the Department.
(A)		Chairman of the State Law and Order Restoration Council
Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Than Shwe received
Vice-Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Mr Wu
Bangguo and delegation at Mingala Hall of Pyithu Hluttaw. 
(B)		Vice-Chairman of the State Law and Order Restoration Council Deputy
Commander-in-Chief (Army) General Maung Aye received President of Arco Asia
Inc of the United States Mr R Truitt and President of China National Offshore
Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Mr Wang Yan and party at Zeya Thiri Beikman,
(C)		Secretary-1 of the State Law and Order Restoration Council Lt-Gen Khin
Nyunt received visiting Vice-Premier of the State Council of the People's
Republic of China Mr Wu Bangguo at Dagon Yeiktha of the Ministry of Defence.
(D)		Chairman of Myanmar Investment Commission Deputy Prime Minister
Vice-Admiral Maung Maung Khin received President Mr Wang Yan of China
National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and party at his office.
(E)		Secretary of Myanmar Investment Commission Brig-Gen Maung Maung received
first Vice-Chairman Mr Geunady Archipov of MIG, "Mapo" Group, the Russian
Federation and party at his office.
(F)		Minister for Commerce Lt-Gen Tun Kyi received Mr Gao Dezhu,
Vice-Governor of the Bank of China, and party at his office.
(G)		Minister for Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development
Affairs Lt-Gen Maung Thint received nationalities leader 

U Ma Htu Naw and party of Special Region 5 in Shan State (north) at his
office. They discussed regional development.