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NLD has received the mandate in 1990 to improve the 
unlawful so-call laws.

	#> 	The government security official in charge 
	#> of Daw Su Kyi's residential compound also advised 
	#> her on 27 October not to go out to make political 
	#> activities where her safety is being exposed. 

If the freedom of movement is granted why should not she go out?
To advise her to stay at her compound only means virtual house arrest.
When Daw Suu is exposed to the ordinary peoples they gave her flowers.
Just have a look at all video tapes again from her across the country
campaign. Yes, of course, once she was at gun point, but by the army
officer of the Slorc!. *Therefore if Slorc extends peace to Daw Suu
(it was implicitly claimed), her safety is 100% granted. Am I right?

Therefore it is pointless to say that she should not go out for her
own safety.
	#> It is very much regretful that inspite 
	#> of the efforts the authorities have made in 
	#> meeting its own commitments the NLD seems to 
	#> have refused to meet theirs while it has chosen 
	#> to hold to its rigid and confrontational 
	#> approach with the authorities and not only 
	#> to create conditions that would embarrass 
	#> the government but also to politicize this 
	#> incident so that their international community 
	#> would be tricked into exerting pressure on 
	#> Myanmar Government.

1. This is not true. On the contrary, THE condition was imposed by 
   the Slorc, not by the NLD. 

2. This act of NLD should be considered as a test for the Slorc.
   The test has been made to verify the Slorc's claim that it has 
   given the NLD chance to do their political activities. 
   Apparently,.... there wasn't enough room for NLD to do their 
   political activities.

3. International community should see the truth as what it is.
   NLD needs more room to move. NLD needs a positive answer to their
   call for a meaningful DIALOGUE! Indeed it is a challenge to the
   whole International community.

4. It is just wasting everybody's time and money plus putting the
   whole country into a difficult position. We want to grow.
   We want to do something which is meaningful for our country.
   I have been a person who stood and waited for a long time with 
   a hope that things will be better in the future. At that time,
   "Those who stand and wait also serve" was my favourate
   quotation. However, time has run out. I myself have to involve 
   in the movement due to the sense of responsibility__definitely 
   NOT a new hobby. There are many hundreds if not thousands who have
   no history and the least interest in politics getting on board 
   because of the same reason. It is this reason that by not 
   participating the right cause in turn means encouraging injustice 
   with silence (passive participation). Moreover, the Slorc is just 
   wasting our time and money. Thus our patience also runs out.
   Instead of being counted as one of the passive followers of the 
   wrong system, we actively participate in the worthy cause.

   We want to get on with meaningful reconstruction of Burma. 
   We, Burmese nation, had been a proud nation. We can't be proud now
   because of the useless, backward and harmful system. We need a new
   system which we all can work on/participate in. It is shame on me 
   and shame on you, the Slorc, and shame on every Burmese if you 
   continue playing this harmful game. 

   *If you play your delay-game one more day, our country will further
    behind the world's community for one more year.*
    Can you bear this thought?