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A Protest Statement regarding the C

A Protest Statement regarding the Clinton-Jiang meeting

A Call for International Justice in Taiwan and a No Nuke Asia!
Initiated by
Green Party Taiwan
Taiwan Association of University Professors
Taiwan Environmental Protection Union
World United Formosans for Independence

On the eve of the Clinton-Jiang meeting; while a shifting mood 
hangs between the Chinese and U.S. administrations; before a 
red-carpet welcome of a murderous Chinese despot by the leader 
of the White House; and during a time when selfish 
businesspeople are lobbying to lift a U.S. restriction on the 
exportation of nuclear facilities to China:

We, representatives of Taiwan's pro-independence and anti-
nuclear organizations approach America's unofficial agency in 
Taiwan, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), to demand human 
rights and international justice for Taiwan:

We call for the citizens of the world and the U.S. to:
1. Support the Taiwanese people in their pursuit of basic 
human rights as international citizens;
2. Support the Asian people's fight to stop the dumping of 
outdated nuclear facilities in Asia and to achieve a 

We call for the administrations of China and the United States:
1. To respect the Taiwanese people's basic human rights and 
not allow their own drive for power blind them to the 
rights of the Taiwanese people.
2. Do not lift U.S. restrictions on nuclear technology 
exportation to China.

For hundreds of years, Asian peoples have been the victims of 
power games between the East and West. Human tragedies such as 
colonial rule, ethnic cleansings, and authoritarian 
dictatorships continue in a vicious cycle with no signs of 
breaking. Even today, the human rights of most Asian peoples 
are hardly respected. For example, only recently did Taiwan end 
50 years of authoritarian rule over her people.

We, Taiwanese, have been the victims of power expansions and 
struggles of Spain, Holland, Ming-Cheng (Koxinga), Manchuria, 
France, Japan, the United States, and China. The February 28th 
Massacre of 1947 and its ensuing fifty-years of martial rule 
was a historically inevitable tragedy caused by the 
exploitations of Taiwan by eastern and western powers. Until 
now, the voice and rights of the Taiwanese people to determining 
their own future has not only been overtly denied by the Beijing 
dictators, but also consciously omitted by the politicians in 
Washington, D.C.

The Taiwanese have no power to itemize the interests of the 
Taiwanese people which will be sold out at the Clinton-Jiang 
meeting. The voiceless people are not expected to question the 
mind of the powers. We, the Taiwanese people are currently a 
state without statehood. There are few rights remaining to be 
sacrificed. It is in the interest of the powers to maintain 
Taiwan's international disadvantage. This allows for the 
continued dumping of United States agricultural products on 
Taiwanese villages. Taiwanese businesspersons appeal to their 
own people to not ask for independence after their investments 
in China were threatened by the Chinese government. The most 
appalling outcome is the collaboration of the United States with 
corrupt Taiwanese officials, to force our small island to buy 
8 nuclear reactors from the United States at the expense of our 
environment. Exploitation by the powers continue to break down 
cooperation among the Asian peoples. The exportation of 
Taiwan's nuclear waste to N. 
Korea serves as a good example.

We, the representatives of Taiwanese pro-independence and 
anti-nuclear groups, approach America's unofficial agency in 
Taiwan, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), an institution 
which signifies the denial of Taiwan popular sovereignty, to 
protest China and the United States in the Asia-Pacific region. 
Taiwanese interests and the right to self-determination 
cannot be sold out; our resolve for a NO-NUKE-ASIA will not be 

This is one of a series of protests worldwide. In Taiwan, 
the protests will be hold in front of AIT on 10AM, 10/24, 
and a Vigil for a Democratic Taiwan on 10/29's night at the 
February 28th Peace Park (in front of the Presidential 
Office of Taiwan).  The major protests in the United States 
will be hold on 10/29. Please see the following information.

Contact information:
For Taiwan:
Green Party Taiwan	gptaiwan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Rm 1, FL10, No 281, Sect. 3, Roosevelt Road,
Taipei, 106
Phone: 886-2-362-1362		Fax: 886-2-362-1361
or Chau-Yi Lin  at 	jywang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

For the United States:
What: A Protest Against Chinese Aggression Towards Taiwan
When: October 29, 1997 (Wednesday)
Where:	9:30am - 10:00am --Assemble at the Washington Monument 
       (15 Street & Constitution Ave)
       10:00am - 11:30am--March around the White House
  11:30am - 1:30pm -- Special program at Washington 
        1:30pm - 2:30pm -- March to Capitol Hill (West front)
        2:30pm - 3:00pm -- Special program at Capital Hill (West 
        3:00pm - 4:00pm -- Congressional guests speeches at 
Capitol Hill
        4:30pm - 6:00pm -- Demonstration in front of the Chinese 

Sponsors:	Formosan Association for Public Affairs
   Formosan Association for Human Rights
   Taiwanese Association of America
   Taiwanese Collegian
   World United Formosans for Independence

Supporting Groups:
   Center for Taiwan International Relations
   Dr. Kang-lu Wang Memorial Foundation
   North America Taiwanese Professors' Association
   North America Taiwanese Women's Association
   North America Taiwanese Medical Association
   Professor Chen Wen-Chen Memorial Foundation
   Society of Taiwanese Americans
   Taiwanese American Citizens League
   Taiwan Foundation
   Eastern Turkistan National Freedom Center
   Students for Free Tibet

For more information, please contact the following CTI 
Coordinator			C. K. Kuo	 (Tel: 770-642-8620)
Deputy Coordinators	Wenyen Chen	(Tel: 703-356-1603)
     Chingsan Huang(Tel: 301-217-9384)
     Sebo Koh		(Tel: 216-572-1537)
     De-yuan Su	(Tel: 609-275-1536)			

Spokesman			Wenyen Chen	(Tel: 703-356-1603)
     Peter Chang 	(Tel: 972-245-0701)
Executive			Liangyu Hsieh  (Tel: 608-236-9349)		

DC Contact			Echo Lin 		(Tel:202-547-3686)
     Ming Chow	 (Tel:703-818-2311)