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     Wednesday 22 October, 1997 (9:11am AEST)

          The Burmese military government has rejected an Amnesty 
International report calling on the international
          community to press for the release of political detainees.

          Amnesty says in its latest report that Burma's ruling junta has 
shown cynical contempt over calls to improve
          human rights and still holds at least 12-hundred political 

          It accuses the junta of using systematic arrests to intimidate 
opponents and pursuing the repression of ethnic

          But, a senior Burmese military official describes the Amnesty 
report as unsubstantiated and nothing surprising.

          The official says the report is aimed at influencing United 
Nations Secretary General's report on Burma to the
          U-N Committee on Human Rights.

	[ABC News, 22 October 1997]