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World Peace Day on Nov. 17

MANILA, Oct. 17 (PNA) -- The Philippines is marking World Peace Day on Nov. 
17 with a unique human chain or link extending more than 1,600 kilometers 
from the northernmost tip of Luzon to the southernmost tip of Mindanao.
The National Social Action Council (NASAC) is spearheading the
for the celebration, which will be featured by the Filipino people's 
"absolute desire for an enduring peace and unqualified rejection of all 
forms of violence."
To underscore the nationwide peace campaign, at least 2.5 million Filipinos 
of various religious beliefs, political affiliations and socio-economic 
standings are set to link arms together to form an enormous human chain that 
would extend along the entire length of the Pan-Philippine Highway from the 
Ilocos Region in Northern Luzon to the infant Province of Sarangani in 
The human chain will be formed to dramatize the Filipino people's campaign 
to reject all forms of violence under the theme "KAMPANA" or "Karahasan at 
Masama, Pawiin Natin!" (Let's Eradicate Violence and Evil).