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the Constitution (r)

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<< Subj:	 the Constitution
 Date:	97-10-22 14:22:07 EDT
 From:	Mahuya@xxxxxx
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 Why do you want to worship someone who has betrayed her father's cause?
 Worshiping her won't save the nation from any trauma.Our country isn't
Dear Mahuya,
          Light up yourself! If you are real Mahuya(black stone) and stay in
the dark all your life, I can't imagine what you are going to become. You
should know the difference between worshipping and inspiration. Daw Su
actually know what she is doing for her nation and her political icon is her
father. How can you say that she had betrayed her father's cause while she is
in confinement at home  and sacrified her family life for her Democracy
movement. Try to study Burmese History again, you cheated brain! Your
perception of the world has been greatly distorted. General Aung San's cause
is freedom and democracy. He had no personal cause against British.
Daw Su is one of the leaders who has guts, brain, heart and conscience . Just
try to compare with your gutless, brainless, heartless partners who can also
change colours quickly like a lizard. Why don't you attack leaders other than
Daw Su in NLD,  you feminist? 
          Sorry for my rudeness, Mahuya, but you deserve it for posting that